Benefit for Whidbey Air (

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Benefit for Whidbey Air (

Did you know Whidbey Island has its own radio station? One that started years ago, and for the first few years The Shifty Sailors let them play their music while they got underway. It’s been a long journey, including a decision to release the air waves licensing and become an internet-only station. That decision has allowed the all-volunteer station to focus on building a variety of content that has something for almost everyone.

Harry Anderson and Gwen Samuelson riffing on air.

So, why are you reading about this on Lavender Wind’s website? We decided to help the station with its ever-present funding struggles by¬†donating 10% of GROSS sales on the same day each month. So, if you come to shop on the 24th of the month, you’ll be helping yourself to wonderful items as well as helping the radio station keep on providing the amazing shows they have.

If you want to contribute directly to the station, please do so! We all benefit from sharing.



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