Celebrate Staff and Purple

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Celebrate Staff and Purple

Things are getting much busier on the farm. We have an international crew here who can speak the following languages: English (of course), French, Spanish, Italian, Triki (Oaxaca), German, Tagalog, Arabic, Moroccan, and Scots Gaelic. So, we just had to have an international feast with food from many of the countries represented by our staff members. What a great dinner that was! You get a hint from the pictures and the happy faces.┬áIf you come to the farm and you know any of the languages that our staff speak, I hope you ask for the person who speaks the language you know…. you’ll have lots of fun and probably will get more information than otherwise.

Meanwhile, the purple continues to develop. We should be able to start cutting the Folgate in a few days, though with cool cloudy weather it might be a bit further on. You can see Elisabetta weeding and Younes cultivating in the distance, beyond the purple. The farm has never been more beautiful than it is this year – come and enjoy.



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