Full Bloom Viewing

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Full Bloom Viewing

Hundreds of people ask us every year….

“When is the best time to see the lavender in bloom?”

The short answer is summer. But that is really short and doesn’t really give you the full story. Lavender’s home turf is the area around the Mediterranean. It thrives on the wet winters and dry summers in the chalky, rocky soils that are found there. There are over 400 varieties of lavender world wide. Many people in hot and dry climates grow lavender – and they bloom earlier (usually). So, our lavender colleagues in Texas can have lavender festivals in May and June. Here in the Pacific Northwest in view of the Salish Seawaters, the lavender can bloom from sometime

Lavendula Stoechas

in May to October. That is true, if you include Lavendula Stoechas

which can grow here. But to see fields of lavender you typically won’t fine that kind of lavender in large fields. You will see Lavendula Angustifolia┬ástarting to bloom sometime in June, last year it was towards the end – but you never know for sure.

Lavendula Angustifolia

Lavendula x-Intermedia, which is the larger of the two species/hybrids that you will find in large plantings. It’s most famous variety is named “Grosso” and has a wonderful scent. These bloom from the beginning of July well into August: It depends on the variety and the season. When you’re farming, you can’t dictate the decisions that “Mother earth” makes.

So, now you know. Tell your photographer friends, and the family members who want to go on picnics in purple, and others who are just curious. Lavender blooms in the summer.

The pictures are thanks to various sites – you can click on the pictures and see their original sites. (We like sharing, how about you?)


Lavendula x-Intermedia



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