Lavender Lover’s Handbook

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Lavender Lover’s Handbook

It’s here!! Sarah Bader’s new book! This is a BEAUTIFUL book, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to grow lavender, or just look at pictures of it. Sarah Bader knows her stuff and we are so happy to include her book in our shop (or you can get it online).Lavender Lover's Handbook

Sarah is the proprietor of Lavender At Stonegate¬†which is a retail and wholesale nursery in Oregon, near Portland. She is one of the rare people who is talented and friendly, makes you feel like you’re her best friend even though you might have only met her five minutes ago. She is smart – which is handy when you’re going to her for advice. She has made a bunch of YouTube videos teaching people how to take care of their lavender.

Hey, if we work hard at it, maybe we can get Sarah Bader to come to Whidbey Island and teach us about lavender right here…. We’ll need lots of your support to do that, so let us know you’re interested.



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