Jul 222012


2 Cups  Heavy cream

1 Cup  Milk

1 teaspoon Vanilla

3/4 Cup sugar

2 teaspoon finely ground lavender



This is a very pure, lavendery ice cream. It’s important to grind up the lavender as finely as possible – both for better flavor and for better texture and it will give a look similar to vanilla bean ice cream.

Using an automatic ice cream maker’ instructions – pour all the chilled ingredients into the ice cream maker’s bowl and process until it’s as firm as you want it. Transfer the ice cream into containers and put in your freezer for at least two hours to let it get a bit harder.

Source for Lavender:
Lavender Wind Farm,’s Culinary Lavender available online at www.lavenderwind.com or call to order 1-(877) 242-7716

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