Les crêpes de lavande

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Les crêpes de lavande

Lavender crêpes for the non-French speakers among you. These are a wonderful treat for a special breakfast or brunch. Perfect on a holiday weekend, or whenever you need a treat.

Recipe enough for one or two people, just expand proportionally to serve more.

1 egg
1 cup milk
1/3 cup all purpose flour
1/4 tsp ground lavender
dash of salt

Two recommendations from friend “El Hefe de Cocina”:

Sift the dry ingredients together to be sure they are well blended and there are no clumps of lavender.

El Jefe says some of you will want to use a non-stick pan. While most cooks use them these, days I prefer the highly polished stainless pans which, once they have been used with oil a few times, are almost as non-stick as the coated ones. in any case, use a pan that doesn’t stick (and use wooden or plastic utensils if you do.)


beaten egg and milk with 1/3 C flour on the side

scooping to cook

Ingredients all well mixed, scoop with 1/3 C measure to make first crepe.

Pour into pan

While holding the pan, pour in batter, then swirl by tipping the pan around to let gravity fill around the edges.

turning it over

Carefully slip a narrow spatula under the crepe and then turn it to cook on the other side.

flipped crepe

Cooking briefly on the other side.

on plate with jam

Flip your crepe onto a plate, then put in whatever looks good to you. Here we've put on some of our strawberry lavender jam.


We added some homemade yogurt and then folded it and are ready to eat. You can put more yummy sauces on top, too, if you like.



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