Parking for this old house!

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Parking for this old house!

Last night the Coupeville Town Council made a wonderful vote! They decided that historic houses within certain commercial areas in Coupeville are exempt from parking ordinances. I watched the process as the item, that had been part of a larger discussion, was presented by the town planner, Larry Kwarsick and then discussed by the council members. Say what you like about government, this was an excellent example of a thoughtful group of people taking on a difficult topic and looking at it from all the angles. They didn’t all agree, yet they were respectful and the discussion had good questions and comments. I’m proud of Coupeville’s Town Council!

Back to why I’m putting this in our blog…This is an important vote for us, because our Coupeville Shop is being created in an existing historic Ebey’s Reserve home.

The Craftsman Bungalow style house was built in 1916 by Otto VanDyk for the C.C. Cushen family and used as a family residence. The house was later owned by Lewis Matthews and purchased in 1941 by Michael Criscola. In 1968 a small sun room was build on the south facade. In 1976 it was purchased by the Wienringa’s and converted to a B&B.  Our friend, Lyla (Libbey) Snover said she went to kindergarten there as a kid and she later babysat for a family there. The house has gone through various uses over the years. At one point it was a B&B, several times a residence. Lately, someone tried to have an antique store on the site, but couldn’t due to parking ordinance issues. We are delighted to be able to maintain most of its warm, homey, and historical character as we transform it into a commercial use property.

15 Coveland Front as B&B

This house was a B&B in the 1970's we think.

When you come into the shop, you’ll see the original front rooms with only slight modifications. You’ll be able to wander the new landscaping (that is still in the planning stages) have a cuppa outside in good weather, and get a take-out of our lavender scones and cookies all weather. Not to mention be able to buy all our wonderful lavender products and more. Other times you’ll be able to take classes… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Right now our builders, plumbers, electricians, engineers, and staff are all working hard to get this remodel done and keep the house looking as cute (or cuter) as ever.



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