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People are asking “When are you going to open your Coupeville shop?”

We have to remodel the inside to create a commercial kitchen. In an old house like this one, we want to keep the integrity of the house, but we also want to be safe – so we are having engineers have a look. The front rooms will stay pretty much as they are, it’s going to be so cute once it all opens with period rooms for the shop and a nice clean commercial area for making our products and having classes.

We are also going to redo the landscaping. You are going to be delighted with the end result. But, before we get there, we have more planning and meetings.

The bottom line is, that we are working like crazy, but you can’t see it. And we are meeting with the Town officials to get the permitting done correctly so as many of both our needs as possible can be met. Plus, you may not know that Coupeville lies within the Ebey’s Historical Reserve, so we will need plan approval from the Design Review Board. Lots and lots of paper. I have to keep reminding myself, that it’s a lot easier to fix mistakes on paper than once you start construction.

Stay tuned!



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