The dirt on the project

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The dirt on the project

Bottom line? It’s all about safety. That’s why we had an engineer come and have a look at the building before we went too far along the design phase of the process. He said we needed support underneath the floor joists to accommodate the hoards of people and machinery/equipment that will be in the building. Ok, the bit about hoards of anything is either tongue in cheek or hopeful.

In any case, we need to put in some beams under the joists when we get permission to start work. This building is 87 years old, and the building codes were different in those days, so the crawl space underneath was deep enough to allow maybe a 10 year old boy to get through to do work, but no adult. So, we’re starting to move out some of the dirt to get a bit more space in order to be able to put in joists, run ducts and wiring, and adjust plumbing.

Isn’t this glamorous? Isn’t it just what you’d love to know about when you think about lavender? Rest assured, you won’t see any of that when we open, but you will be very happy to know you will be completely safe in the building, and so will we.

Until then, get your lavender out at the farm and continue to send good thoughts to the town officials who have to wade through mountains of paperwork, including our building plans.



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