Bliss Bark

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Bliss Bark

MichaeleneStirsWebWe have our very own chocolatier now!! Her name is Michaelene McElroy and she has only BEGUN to create some amazing treats.

In case you aren’t up on the origins of chocolate, Michaelene writes: Theobroma cacao is native to the deep tropical region of South America. Its seeds are used to make cocoa powder and chocolate. The generic name is derived from the Greek for “food of the gods”; from θεος (theos), meaning “god,” βρῶμα (broma), meaning “food.” Joseph Campbell encouraged folks to, “Follow your bliss,” and here at Lavender Wind, we’re making it easy for you to do just that by creating the first in our series of Lavender Wind Bliss Bark.

Lavender Wind Bliss Bark - with Almonds

Thank you, Michaelene!

Today, she made our first Bliss Bark – Lavender Almond. And she made a lot of it. It’s available at the shop for $6.20 for 3.5 oz.



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