Boat Naming Contest at the Art of the Boat Festival

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Boat Naming Contest at the Art of the Boat Festival

Lillie Mistral

Lillie Mistral

We had Sarah’s 13’ Sailboat set up on the driveway of Lavender Wind’s shop during the Art of the Boat Festival.

It’s a darling little boat manufactured by Micro Marine (a company that was based in Massachusetts, we have no idea how it got out here). We set up a sign challenging people to try to name the boat and if we picked one, we’d award that person a $20 gift certificate. Then we put out a quart canning jar and waited.

We got a lot of entries, it was hard to decide! Thank you to all who used their brains to help us figure this out. There are two winners because we took one word from each of two entries, and took some poetic license with the spelling of one. Most people would chose a different name, but each of the words chosen has meaning to Sarah and represents a part of her life.

That cute little sailboat is now named  “Lillie Mistral”

The winners are: Betsy Brace & Leslie Claesson

They have been sent a Gift Certificate via their email address that they had on the form.

For your enjoyment the entries were:

  • A Frayed Knot
  • Naughtayot
  • Nautical Smiles
  • Penn Cove’s Water Lily
  • Mistral
  • Wind Dancer
  • My Boat
  • It’s All About Me
  • Wind Runner
  • Wind Child
  • Lil Veg
  • Jen-nay
  • Lavender a Sea
  • Purple Love
  • Jiblet
  • The Lavender Lady
  • Itty Bitty
  • Wallow
  • Cove Dancer
  • Gull Chaser
  • Adept
  • Fore Sail
  • Baby Blue
  • Star Dancer



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