Cooking Nettles on Clay CLASS

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Cooking Nettles on Clay CLASS

Nettles, who wants ‘em? They just sting ya and the pain goes on for hours and hours. But, wait! They have some other qualities that you may want. They are packed with vitamins and protein. And when you can’t harvest them anymore, because they are past the good food stage, then you can use them as chicken food, or as a source for fibre and make your own clothes.

Cooking Nettles on Clay Class

Cook on Clay flameware cooking pots are made with a “flameproof” clay that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures. These pots can go directly from the refrigerator to a hot oven and back again without cracking! Watch them in action during this class – and you’ll be able to buy some if you fall in love with them and they are made on Whidbey!!

Instructors:  Sarah Richards, Lavender Wind, loves gathering nettles and creating new dishes from them. Cook on Clay creators, Maryon Attwood and Robbie Lobell have developed an amazing set of cookware made from clay that you can use just about anywhere. We’ll be using that cookware to make the nettle dishes.

Wednesday, April 10th –  6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at our shop at 15 Coveland St, Coupeville

The cost of the class is  $30 and is limited to 8 people. You can register by calling 360-544-4132.




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