Day One of Harvest

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Day One of Harvest

We started harvesting our earliest blooming lavender (lavendula angustifolia var. “Folgate”) June 28, 2013. First we had to train the newbies.
Harvest Folgate

The harvest crew was working hard to get all of these two long rows. We harvest by hand because we are too small to have a harvesting machine, it’s easier on the plants, and we get better bundles.
Harvesting Lavender Day One

We hang most of them on wires, so we have to pin them with opened up paper clips.
Pinning Bundles

Ming is hanging them in our shop – it makes it smell so wonderfully fragrant.
Hanging Bundles

Here is the happy crew after our record setting day of harvesting about 1200 bundles from about 200 plants. Not bad at all!!
Harvest Crew Day One



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