Farm is OPENING!

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Farm is OPENING!

Folgate Purpling

The Folgate lavender is just starting to get purple, you can see a slight purple haze over the plants.

The Folgate lavender is starting to purple up, so we are opening the farm. The fields will be there for you to enjoy. This year we have again planted sunflowers, which will bloom  in the later part of the summer. We have also planted other kinds of herbs and flowers for you to enjoy.

The gift shop will be open, too, with a wonderful selection of our products. This will be a new venture for us to have two shops open at the same time. Wish us luck and come visit!

Labyrinth in May

The labyrinth is starting to look good again. We replanted it last year, so this is the second year for the plants being in the ground and they are getting bigger!



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