Getting Purple!

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Getting Purple!

The fields are starting to get purple. It seems like the whole rest of the country’s lavender farms are having their festivals, and we are just barely starting. It’s ok, it’s beautiful anyway. When these fields are in full bloom, it’s a shocking purple celebration – so these pictures are just a hint of what is coming.

Folgate getting ready to bloom

Check out the cute bee hives in the back. Our bees are getting fabulous care this year thanks to Younes and Toni.

Folgate and Mountains

The Olympic Mountain range is in the background of this picture. We have happy lavenders with this stunning view!

Our farm is open every day now for visitor. So you can have picnics, enjoy the lavender, have lavender ice cream and other goodies from our shop.

Picnic Tables on Farm

There are picnic tables scattered around the farm for your enjoyment.



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