Lavender Hot Chocolate

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Lavender Hot Chocolate

When the weather turns frightful, and the fire is burning delightfully…. It’s time for Lavender Hot Chocolate. Here is the recipe for that hot chocolate and a video to show you how to make it.


Item Amount Unit
Milk 2 Cups
Sugar 1/4 Cup
Powdered Cocoa 1/3 Cup
Lavender (Whole Bud) 3 Tbl
Whipping Cream 1/3  Cup
Lavender Extract 1/4 tsp

Put the milk in a saucepan and start to heat. Add the lavender and let it warm with the milk for about 5 minutes or until the milk reaches about 150º F. Strain the lavender out of the milk and return the milk to the pot. Keep at about that temperature while adding the sugar and the cocoa. Stir occasionally until the cocoa is fully integrated into the milk.

Whip the whipping cream up with the Lavender Extract (please note lavender extract is not the same as lavender essential oil, the extract is for cooking).

Serve the hot chocolate with the whipped cream and enjoy!!



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