Lavender Salt & Pepper

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Lavender Salt & Pepper

Lavender Salt and Pepper

Our newest products! Finally, after you have asked us for this for a long time, our version of lavender salt and lavender pepper have joined our culinary product line.

The Pepper is a simple blend to help you create amazing dishes. It combines an earthy, hot, fruity/tart, and floral flavor to dishes.  It will work well in many diverse dishes. Limited only by your imagination! Ingredients: Black, Green & White Pepper (Piper nigrum) Pink Pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius), Lavender.


Our Lavender Salt, which has Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt, is primarily sodium chloride, some believe the trace minerals found in sea salt and himalayan pink salt as well as the reduced processing used to prepare them are desirable. Ingredients: Salt, Lavender




Certified by IPF

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