Doing things Backwards

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Doing things Backwards


Backwards Day is on January 31. Time to celebrate the potential in doing things in reverse (with lavender, of course).

When I was in Aix-en-Provence studying during my junior year in college I took many classes in French history,language, art history, and more. I wanted to be out roaming the streets and countryside (back then lavender wasn’t a twinkle in my eye). I was focused on finding young people to go with me to “Les Boites” and dance all night. Also, all those Patisseries were calling my name. So, as you can imagine, the lectures in the classes would seem rather dull. Being a good art student, though, I came up with a great solution. I’d practice being like Leonardo da Vinci and write in mirror writing. I took many notes in that way which ended up costing me. Studying, using those notes, was challenging and my grades suffered a bit.

Why would you want to do anything backwards like do mirror writing? Someone was wondering what purpose Leonardo da Vinci had in doing his mirror writing. He thinks it might be for the very process of forcing himself to slow down. In addition to slowing down, it gives those of us with over-active minds something to do while we are supposed to be listening to someone talking.

Then, almost as if it was a family tradition, my son adopted a part of mirror writing in the logo of his work. It is particularly cool if you knew that he is a physicist and was working in theoretical particle physics where they analyze the results of atoms speeding through a huge ring and crashing into each other. That would tend to send some of them backwards.

But, all those esoteric backwards events miss the basic need every kid has in doing things the wrong way around. And that is:

Eating Dessert FIRST!!

Lavender foods are some of the best way to do that. We have lavender chocolates, lavender cookies, lavender candied pecans, lavender jams… the list goes on and on. We also have lavender baking extract and culinary lavender so you can create your own dessert first goodies. Click here for a great recipe of Lavender Brownies so you can get started celebrating doing things backwards with lavender.

Finally, a quote from my favorite Art History teacher when she was taking us around to amazing cathedrals and other places in France.





by Sarah Richards



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