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Blueberry Jam is BACK!

Finally, we’ve got our wonderful Blueberry Lavender Jam back in stock!

Blueberry Lavender Jam

Made from blueberries grown right here on Whidbey Island. Lavender gives our tasty  jam a hint of Mediterranean culture to your eating pleasure.  Try it on scones, muffins, waffles, crackers with cream cheese or serve it as a chutney with ham.

Our jams and jellies have been developed in our own kitchen and are made with our blended culinary lavender.

Ingredients: Sugar, Blueberries, Pectin, Lemon Juice, Lavender. Net Wt. 7 oz (180g)

Click here to order.

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Makes Scents to Me

Makes Scents for You - LavenderDeveloping new products is part of what we do, and it’s fun. We had been selling pure essential oil in a roll on for a while. It was good. But, then we became aware that straight essential oil on the skin is drying. Not so good. Enter Jojoba Oil.

Jojoba oil has some amazing properties and it is really more of a wax than an oil – but it’s liquid at room temperature. It nourishes all skin types, especially mature skin, and it penetrates readily. It is not greasy. In the 1970’s whale oil was finally banned for use in perfume products, and Jojoba has become it’s replacement. It carries scent very well.

In addition to nourishing skin and carrying the scent of essential oils well, Native Americans used Jojoba to treat sores and wounds. The beneficial qualities of this oil are huge.

With all those amazing qualities, how could we not formulate our new perfume with that as a base? So, we added a blend of our own lavender essential oils. Our first fragrance in this new line is pure lavender and we call it:

Makes Scents for You: Blended for Relaxing

You will love this oil-based perfume. Order it online or get it at our Coupeville Shop.

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How to Make Lavender Bundles

You have grown your lavender, picked it, and dried it. Now what?

Making attractive lavender bundles is easy if you are just making one or two, but how about if you are making 20 or 200? This video shows how we make them at Lavender Wind Farm.

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New Patio Tea Room

New Patio RoomWhat used to be a sun room with a leaky greenhouse structure has been transformed into a beautiful little room with sunshine and four tables. The french doors open to the brick patio in the back.

In the colder months it is an intimate space with bright light, warm feelings, and great coffee, tea, and baked yummies. In the warmer months it is all that plus tables outside in the lovely bricked in patio.

People can reserve all or part of the space for a special event, like these pirates.

Staff After Festival Party

Staff After Festival Party

The space is easily accessible, you just go around the back and enter into a beautiful peaceful space.

The menu includes:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Lavender Lemonade
  • Lavender Hot Chocolate
  • Scones
  • Cookies
  • French Macarons
  • Bread & Cheese
  • Great Service

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Personal Shopper – Any Season

We love lists!

Scent Yourself Gift Basket

Several types of ready to go gift baskets

Let us help you pick out the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list.  We can help tailor a gift bag or gift basket for every recipient, or simply box up a great selection of items your family and friends will love.  Please call in advance to make an appointment for this free service  Available between 10am-5pm.  Call 360-544-4312.
Stuffed Animals

Lots of stuffed animals

Pack & Ship

We can do that too.  Once you’ve picked out your goodies, we’ll package them into gift bags or baskets.  Bring your addresses and we will ship them for you and include a free gift card too! (Shipping charges do apply).


Wood Salt Pepper Gift

All kinds of food items – baking mixes, salt & pepper sets, herbs, teas, jams….

Or shop from home in your pajamas by visiting our webstore.  Select from one of our gift baskets, gift bags, or wood gift sets.  Or select your own products and add one of our custom gift basket kits (S, M, L, & XL depending on the number of products).  We’ll put together a custom gift basket and ship for you or you can select “Pick up from store” and we’ll have it waiting for you.  You’ll need a separate order for each shipping address.

Many personal care items: lotions, soaps, massage oil, hand towels, kitchen towels. We can't name them all!

Many personal care items: lotions, soaps, massage oil, hand towels, kitchen towels. We can’t name them all!

We’ll include a free gift card – just enter the text in the notes section that you would like included on the card to customize your message for each order.

Relax! We will help take care of your gifting needs.

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Huggable Stuffed Black Labrodor - Filled with Lavender

Huggable Stuffed Black Labrodor – Filled with Lavender

Did you know that hugging has health benefits? Having warm human contact improves both psychological and physical development in babies. Hugging makes people just feel happier and loved. It can help build a robust immune system, decrease heart disease and stress responses.

So we have some great ways to get hugs into your life.

Soaps, Lotions, and much more!

Soaps, Lotions, and much more!

Get Clean and Soft

People want to get close to you when you smell good. We can help with that. You can get fresh goats’ milk lavender soap, lavender shampoo, Lavender Body Gel, Lavender & Rosemary Bath Oil, and Immune Booster Massage Oil.

Bears, Dogs, and Bunnies! Hugs all around!

Bears, Dogs, and Bunnies! Hugs all around!

Lavender Stuffed Animals

Huggable animals are perfect for hugging when you are alone and needing some comfort, or sharing hugs when you show your beautiful little critters to others. We have several cute ones!

Give lavender presents

When you give someone who loves lavender a beautiful basket full of lavender goodies, you are most likely to get a huge hug back! We make it easy for you to send a scented hug. We can ship, or you can come into the store and pick one up. You can create your own Hug in a Basket, too!

Scent yourself with goodies in this basket!

Scent yourself with goodies in this basket!

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The workers who made the new shop possible

In addition to our own amazing staff, there have been a huge amount of people who have made the new shop what it is today.

Lee Construction

  • Mark Lee – Project contractor
  • Whidbey Electric
  • Whidbey Plumbing

Various suppliers

  • Dick’s Restaurant Supplies
  • Home Depot
  • Ace Hardware
  • Chuckanut Lighting
  • Costco

Town of Coupeville

  • Larry Kwarsick – Town planner
  • Greg Cane – Town engineer
  • Bob Snyder – Town Building inspector
  • Nancy Conard – Mayor

Andrew’s Landscaping

  • Environmental Abatement
  • NorWest  Concrete
  • The water guy

Davido Engineering




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First Anniversary

Can You Believe it?

We’ve been in our Coupeville Shop for ONE YEAR!!

Opening in the Fall of 2012

Opening in the Fall of 2012

It’s been quite an odyssey. First we remodeled the inside and the landscape of this charming 1916 Bungalow in the Historic Waterfront District of Coupeville. Then we moved in and started cooking. Literally! Our beautiful kitchen has churned out our products such as our lotions and soaps. We also have developed a great line of food products which we are constantly expanding. All that and running the farm, too. We’ve had a busy year!

Harvesting Grosso 2013

Some were working on the Farm and others were at the shop in town during the summer.

Our staff enjoys greeting all visitors to the shop. It’s great fun to visit with old friends as well as new ones. You, our community and our customers, make our days go by quickly by bringing joy to us all.

To thank you for our great first year. We are having an all day party with:

  • Refreshments
  • Door Prizes (chance to win a $25 gift certificate) Four different drawings will be held.  You do not need to be present to win.

Come to our first anniversary celebration

Saturday, November 23, 2013
10 am to 6 pm

Inside Shop Fall 2013

And now the shop is packed with goodies.

15 Coveland Street, Coupeville

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Farm is OPENING!

Folgate Purpling

The Folgate lavender is just starting to get purple, you can see a slight purple haze over the plants.

The Folgate lavender is starting to purple up, so we are opening the farm. The fields will be there for you to enjoy. This year we have again planted sunflowers, which will bloom  in the later part of the summer. We have also planted other kinds of herbs and flowers for you to enjoy.

The gift shop will be open, too, with a wonderful selection of our products. This will be a new venture for us to have two shops open at the same time. Wish us luck and come visit!

Labyrinth in May

The labyrinth is starting to look good again. We replanted it last year, so this is the second year for the plants being in the ground and they are getting bigger!



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