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Friends and cheese

On Whidbey Island there used to be many many dairies, but in 2007 the Sherman-Bishop farm sold their cows and thus ended the dairying era on our island. That is, until Little Brown Farm started up in 2010 and brought her wonderful goats and a supply of local cheeses to the appreciative island gourmets. It was not easy for, Little Brown Farm owner, Vicky Brown to make that happen as she worked her way through the maze of regulations and inspections to get her dairy licensed. During those years we got to know Vicky and now we have a mutual appreciation that shows itself in several ways. The two of us have worked on various farm-related committees on the island, and Vicky uses our lavender in some of her cheeses.

It’s finally spring and the goats are kidding which means Vicky is making her cheeses again. She posted this today on her facebook page. Chevre cheese with lavender!

She wrote: “Packaged little bites of bliss for the Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival – This is Little Brown Farm Caprine Cream Chevre with Lavender Wind Farm Lavender!”

As the season progresses you’ll find her cheeses made with lavender and our own herbs de provence at our shop as well as at Bayview Farmers Market. In a word… YUM!

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From Red Carpet to Purple

Update the Red Carpet* to PURPLE!

It’s our new campaign and you can join. For one day you can get 20% discount off your total order – just use this code when you check out.



Now you can look forward to some relaxing after stresses of the Oscars.

*For you non-Oscar junkies, that’s where the celebs parade their stylin’ abilities and chat it up with interviewers on their way into the main event. For some people the Red Carpet IS the main event – I didn’t just say that.

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New Look

We are developing our New Look to celebrate the new shop. Here is the latest version of the Hand & Body Lotion, Super size. What do you think? You can order the Super size Hand & Body Lotion here.Hand Lotion Super Size

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Winter weather giving you chapped hands?

We’ve got help for that!


Gardener's Hand & Foot CreamOur Gardener’s Hand & Foot Cream is made from fresh ingredients, with as few preservatives as possible. It is a very thick cream packed in a plastic jar so it won’t break when you carry it around to the garden shed. It was originally formulated to help my mother with her cracking finger tips. Being true to her nature, though, she was bound and determined to use duct tape instead. Go figure! Meanwhile, we use it to great benefit on both our hands and feet, as well as our faces when they are particularly dry. It comes in two sizes (2 oz. and 4 oz.)

Hand & Body LotionIf you want to have quick pick-me-up, we have our Lavender Hand and Body Lotion. You can slather it all over. It comes in three sizes (2 oz., 4 oz. and 16 oz). Mmmm, your skin will feel so soft and smell so sweet.

Our newest skin care product is called Deja-Vu Lotion. It’s much thicker and creamier than the Hand & Body Lotion. Aloe and rooibos tea both have a soothing effect on the skin. Rooibos is a powerful player in the team of antioxidants this crème brings to your skin. This lotion is enhanced with jojoba oil and olive oil along with more ingredients and a wonderful blend of lavender essential oil and lemongrass. Right now it is only available in the 2 oz. size.Deja Vu Lotion

These are great ways to smooth your skin, help it withstand the trials and tribulations of winter, and bring a whiff of summer scent for your delight.

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Aren’t you glad you’ve rung in the new – either watching fireworks, toasting with friends, snoring at home, or however you make the transition to the New Year? Aren’t you glad to see 2011 pass by? Are you hopeful about 2012? Lavender Votive Candle

It’s still winter, the next month or two means plenty of snow for some, damp cold winds for others, and, for a few lucky few that we know, warm balmy breezes in other parts of the world. Candles can help the darkness seem a bit more friendly. They are simply delicious to have around the bathtub, or decorating a special dinner table. There are some great candles here on Whidbey Island – we have lavender scented candles in several forms, votives, perfect gift boxes of four votives packed in lavender, cute little tins, and in hurricane glass containers in two sizes.  Our friends at Chocolate Flower Farm have chocolate candles. Pretty nice, eh?

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Cleaning up after the Holiday

Ok, you’ve had the family in your home for a few days, or maybe just for dinner. It has been fun to talk, play games, watch the kids, or just kick back and nibble all day long. But, soon, you’ll have to think about cleaning. We have a helper! It’s made the scent of summer along with muscle and finesse to safely clean lots of the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom. All you have to do is use it… ok, so it’s not like hiring someone else to do the work, but it’s the next best thing – pleasure and a great scent when you’re all done. Then you can relax again, and get back to that good book you’ve been eager to read.

Lavender Luster

Lavender Luster

Enjoy aromatherapy while you do the chores! Made of natural materials this scrub contains no bleach or noxious chemicals. Use this gently abrasive scrub on sinks, tubs, counters, and tiles. Use it on pots and pans. Use it as a scrubby hand wash for when you’ve got hard-to-clean dirt on your hands.

Easy on you, your house, and your environment.

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Glad to see you again!

Our site was hacked last weekend. After 48 hours of torture trying to solve the problem, I learned so much about the inner workings of our site plus some wonderful companies who helped me clean this up. The site is PURE and CLEAN now. Yay! The sad thing is that the database for the site was impaired and deleted, so we lost about a year’s worth of postings. So, to get going again….

Peppermint & Lavender Soaps

We made some really cute new Peppermint and Lavender Soaps. They are creamy white lavender on top and red/orange peppermint on the bottoms. They come in different shapes and are randomly packed into 1 lb bags. You can order them on our online store or come to the shop!

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Still shipping

Even though our website has been having its “issues” we are shipping our lavender products all over the country. We are happy to give extra help if you want to order by phone. Give us a call at (877) 242-7716 (toll free), or locally at 360-544-4132



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