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We are MOVING!!

Our new “in town” shop is ready for us to move in. For those who might not know, we have leased a building in Coupeville that will house our gift shop and production activities. Almost all our staff will be there, and the farm will be left with a skeleton staff in the off season. Next summer, the gift shop on the farm will re-open and purple season with rows of blooming lavender will be enjoyed by all, once again.

Meanwhile, back at the shop… Our new home in downtown Coupeville is totally enchanting. The place has a perfect union of new and old that will charm those who visit. Please come to visit as soon as we are ready…. should be by Friday or Saturday this week.

See you at the new shop soon!! (15 Coveland St., Coupeville, WA)

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Cook With Lavender CLASS!

Discover Lavender – Fresh, Fragrant and Flavorful

Saturday, November 3rd

1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Kathy Gehrt

On November 3rd, Kathy Gehrt author of “Discover Cooking with Lavender” will demonstrate yummy recipes and easy techniques for using lavender in the kitchen. Kathy’s class celebrates Lavender Wind Farm’s new Coupeville shop.

Kathy will share ideas for using lavender to create seasoning blends that enhance the robust flavor of savory dishes such as Lavender Latin Salsa served with roasted halibut. Her cooking demonstration shows you how to make this and lets you sample the exotic taste.

With its floral fragrance, Lavender also makes a delicious partner for berries, citrus and stone fruits. The herb plays a subtle and sublime role in Grilled Fruit with Lavender Honey Glaze.  Not only will enjoy tasting these flavor combinations, you will be fascinated to discover lavender’s amazing history.

As an added bonus, Kathy will demonstrate easy & inexpensive ways to make unique gifts with lavender. These include flavored sugars, savory seasonings and candied pecans.

To register for this event, please contact Lavender Wind at or by phone at (360) 544-4132 by October 27, 2012. Our space will accommodate 8 participants. The cost of this class is $30.

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Artists Invasion!!

ARTISTS INVASION – July 28 & 29, 2012

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Last night I joined a few people to sing carols at Whidbey General Hospital. A group had gathered last Thursday at Careage – led by the Shifties. Both of these events were so beautiful, I never before really felt how important music is to people. Especially in this kind of situation where it is so quiet most of the time, and the sheer press of humanity is missing. With the group of people moving through the hallways and crowding into rooms you could feel the embrace of company and the sounds of cheerful chatter and song. For the people inside for whom vibrancy is a distant memory, if it can be remembered at all, the sound of live people singing familiar holiday songs brought smiles and tears. Those reactions brought awe to me, and a reminder that we can’t always tell if a person who is ill can hear us or is aware – but we must assume that they can. Sometimes, we get a clue from a lone tear running down a cheek. I thank both Vern Olsen and Ginny Vracin for inviting me along, such a gift!



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