Good Morning

On a fabulously calm Sunday morning on June 7 the temptation to take pictures was overwhelming. So, Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Purple is coming!

Our earliest blooming lavender variety, Folgate, is almost blooming, but can be maddenly slow. Every June it’s the same… We think it will be blooming and it dawdles. Like a 3 year old on a walk.

Sunsets at the Farm

The wind blows down the Strait of Juan de Fuca and hits Whidbey Island right where our farm lies. Aside from the lovely image of a gentle lavender breeze, we named it Lavender Wind due to the sometimes ferocious winds that come barreling onto the property. The good news is that the view to the west, [read more…]

Meditating with Lavender Wind’s Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a symbol found in ancient cultures around the world, dating back at least 4000 years. A classic labyrinth composed of seven circles appeared on every continent. During the Middle Ages, an eleven-circuit labyrinth pattern emerged and was designed into the floor stones of many cathedrals in Europe. This pattern was in place [read more…]

Planting lavender all year?

Lavandula x-intermedia var “Provence” Probably the last thing you are thinking as you get ready for Thanksgiving is “Can I plant lavender in my garden now?” But, that is exactly the question a woman asked me two days ago when she stopped by the shop. It’s been freezing cold for more than a week here, which [read more…]

The Granery and Unexpected Help

There is an amazing resource in Coupeville, and no, I’m not talking lavender. Late one afternoon I drove up to the Bishop’s Granery,where they have been letting me hang lavender to dry because we have a bumper crop and needed more drying space. I needed to clear out some dry lavender to make room for [read more…]

Lavender Wind Festival – 2014

Our 11th annual Lavender Festival is bringing back wine and music for your enjoyment. Relax walking the lavender fields, then sit back and sip some local wines and listen to music. Want to learn how to make a lavender wreath or a lavender wand? This year we have booths with lavender craft activities, a children’s [read more…]

Love letter from Ming

A place that has a special meaning to me is on a beautiful and serene island called Whidbey Island. It is called Lavender Wind Farm. At first glance the farm seems small and insignificant, but as you walk into the farm you can see and smell the abundance and varieties of lavender plants. The shop [read more…]

Day One of Harvest

We started harvesting our earliest blooming lavender (lavendula angustifolia var. “Folgate”) June 28, 2013. First we had to train the newbies. The harvest crew was working hard to get all of these two long rows. We harvest by hand because we are too small to have a harvesting machine, it’s easier on the plants, and [read more…]