From Red Carpet to Purple

Update the Red Carpet* to PURPLE! It’s our new campaign and you can join. For one day you can get 20% discount off your total order – just use this code when you check out. purplecarpet   Now you can look forward to some relaxing after stresses of the Oscars. *For you non-Oscar junkies, that’s where [read more…]

New Look

We are developing our New Look to celebrate the new shop. Here is the latest version of the Hand & Body Lotion, Super size. What do you think? You can order the Super size Hand & Body Lotion here.

Winter weather giving you chapped hands?

We’ve got help for that!   Our Gardener’s Hand & Foot Cream is made from fresh ingredients, with as few preservatives as possible. It is a very thick cream packed in a plastic jar so it won’t break when you carry it around to the garden shed. It was originally formulated to help my mother with [read more…]


Aren’t you glad you’ve rung in the new – either watching fireworks, toasting with friends, snoring at home, or however you make the transition to the New Year? Aren’t you glad to see 2011 pass by? Are you hopeful about 2012? It’s still winter, the next month or two means plenty of snow for some, [read more…]

Glad to see you again!

Our site was hacked last weekend. After 48 hours of torture trying to solve the problem, I learned so much about the inner workings of our site plus some wonderful companies who helped me clean this up. The site is PURE and CLEAN now. Yay! The sad thing is that the database for the site [read more…]

Still shipping

Even though our website has been having its “issues” we are shipping our lavender products all over the country. We are happy to give extra help if you want to order by phone. Give us a call at (877) 242-7716 (toll free), or locally at 360-544-4132