Our Team


It takes a lot of work and amazing people to keep the farm going. Here are most of the permanent staff, and each year more people work there seasonally.

Sarah RichardsSarah hanging lavender

Owner and creator, she is on the path to learn how to encourage and support the others who work hard here on the farm. Of course, she has to meddle and do the work herself, too.



Younes MoumouYounes smiles in field

He comes to us from a high tech career and now seems to be joyful in the fields. He continues to learn more about farming, and now maintains the machinery in addition to managing the fields. Since he is from Morocco, he speaks French like a native, which is a delight to our French speaking customers, and Sarah who likes to practice her French.

Norma Cooking

Norma Cooking

Norma Almario

We have been fans of Norma’s for years. She now processes our lavender, makes our beautiful bundles, and does most of our sewn products. She keeps us all in line making sure we keep things neat and well done. We accuse her of trying to fatten us up when she brings us delicious treats to share at lunch.

Beverley Walton

Our brilliant sales manager has brought years of retail expertise, along with two other careers (that I know of) in the airline and software industries.

Roberta P.

Roberta after seeing Sarah’s paper piles in the office!

Roberta Piercy

Sister to Beverley, is our office manager. What is it about the Walton family and brilliant people? Roberta’s daughter Gini started our love affair with this family, when she worked here during high school and beyond… but that is another story. Roberta (or Bert as she likes to be called) is working on cleaning up the books and systems for keeping track of things. Now that we have grown, Sarah’s shoe box techniques are less wonderful, so she’s putting order into the office.


MJ Durand

Works in our gift shop part time. In addition to being a cheerful face on the farm, she is artistic.


MJ Durand

MJ Durand

…and all the others who worked here and are now off to other things

Some of the wild gang at our August celebration

Some of the wild gang at our August celebration

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