Interested in working at our shop or on the farm? As the season begins we will keep this page pretty current of what is available.

Right now (May 2015) we are hiring Farm Labor Staff for the seasonal work and Manufacturing/Baking/Sales for permanent position consideration.


In our Coupeville shop we will be taking applications for this 3/4 time permanent position involving both manufacturing and baking duties, there will also be some serving and sales. We will start accepting applications on June 15, 2015.

The successful applicants will

  • Have an Island County Food Handlers Card
  • like people and know how to work together with others in a team dynamic.
  • be able to be on your feet much of the day.
  • be able to lift 50 pounds.
  • be interested in working at one of Coupeville’s special places!

Manufacturing Job Description

Download our Job Application which is required for all jobs:

 LWF job-application-form


Farm Labor Staff for the 2015 season

Due to unexpected changes we are now seeking two levels of farm labor staff are being sought for the 2015 season which ends sometime in October depending on weather. Be sure to read the job description(s) associated with the job you are interested in. All applicants also must complete the basic LWF job-application-form

Farm Labor Staff

Farm laborers are needed for weeding and harvesting of the crop. It is a job that requires workers to come to work on time and when needed. It involves working out in the field in a variety of weather conditions. Successful applicants will have demonstrated the ability to be reliable and work well with others as well as be able to perform the tasks listed in the Farm Labor job description. Farm Labor pay starts at $10 per hour.

Advanced Farm Labor Staff

Advanced Farm Labor Staff requires the duties and abilities of the basic Farm Labor Staff as well as the ability to operate and maintain farm machinery. Advanced Farm Labor job description. Advanced Farm Labor Staff pay depends on experience and knowledge.

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